Lift and Slide Patio Door

Orchestra patio door

Effortless operation
oversized panel doors

Smooth, secure, reliable operation featuring energy-efficiency, easy maintenance and excellent security. The Orchestra Lift and Slide patio door by ENERGI is designed with today’s homeowner in mind.

Lift and Slide Patio Door

Orchestra patio door

Harmonious blend
of innovative

Orchestra Lift and Slide patio door by ENERGI was
designed to give you comfort and peace of mind.
It includes all the features you look for in a quality
door: reliability, durability, performance, security,
ease of maintenance and good looks.

Lift and Slide Operation

Single-action handle lifts sliding door up from its airtight/watertight position.
The door can then slide with ease on rollers along the track. Returning handle to its original position
lowers door and engages airtight/watertight seal. Capacity of up to 600 Lb per sash.

Lift Up / Lift Down
Available sizing
up to
172" width x 110" height for two-panel doors

Superior quality and reliability
Sturdy all vinyl 184mm (7 ¼'') mechanically assembled frame. Durable 89mm (3 1/2") sashes reinforced at rails and stiles ensure optimal operation. Aluminum screen door with easy-levelling rollers for smooth sliding.

Effortless sash operation
Lift and Slide doors feature specially designed hardware that breaks down "sliding" and "sealing" into two separate actions. Turning the handle 180 degrees releases the door from its closed position (with weather-stripping under compression) by lifting it up 1/2" above the track. The door can now slide effortlessly on its rollers, eliminating friction with and premature wear of weather-stripping material.

Watertight and airtight
Continuous double weather-stripping around the perimeter is quadrupled at sash corners for superior performance. On the Lift and Slide configuration, an additional weather-stripping is applied under the sash.

Maximum energy efficiency
ENERGY STAR® qualified product. Meets the most demanding construction standards (AAMA/WDMA CSA 101/I.S.2/A440) and is an industry leader (PG55) for air (A3) and water (B4) tightness, wind resistance (C3) and security (F2).

The sashes and sealed glass are positioned in the insulated part of the wall, ensuring superior energy efficiency and reduced condensation. Multi-cavity sashes increase insulating qualities. The 31.8mm (1 1/4'') triple-glazed option offers an excellent energy rating.

Easy to maintain
Smooth and glossy interior and exterior surfaces for a refined appearance and easy maintenance.

Enchanced security
Several options are available for enhanced forced-entry resistance.

  • Aluminum security bar attached to the frame
  • Exterior key lock

Standard Dimensions

Heights: 79 5/8'' or 81 1/4''

2 panels (OX/XO)

Widths: 58 5/8'' or 70 5/8'' or 94 5/8''

2 panels

3 panels (OOX/XOO)

Widths: 84 3/8'' or 102 3/8'' or 138 3/8''

3 panels

3 panels (XOX)

Widths: 85 1/16'' or 103 1/16'' or 139 1/16''

3 panels

3 panels (OXO)

Widths: 88 1/16'' or 106 1/16'' or 142 1/16''

3 panels

4 panels (OXXO)

Widths: 113 7/8' or 137 7/8'' or 185 7/8''

4 panels

Vinyl Limited Lifetime, Glass Limited 20 Year, Hardware Limited 20 Year, Vinyl Coating Limited 20 Year

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Orchestra Brochure

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Lift & Slide Patio Door Lift & Slide - Living room Lift & Slide - Living room

Create your Patio Door with the Dashwood Configurator

colors, handles and grids

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Lift and Slide Orchestra patio door
A full range of options to ensure the perfect fit for all your projects


Sturdy frame and rigid sashes all PVC version or hybrid (aluminum exterior_and PVC interior). Hybrid version available.

Configurations and dimensions

Various configurations and dimensions appropriate for new construction and remodeling projects easily planned with a selection of configurations and sizes. Offered in 2, 3 or 4 panels.


LowE glass with Argon 25.4 mm (1 ") or triple glass 31.8 mm (1 1/4") for excellent energy coefficient.

Grid patterns

Various choices of grid patterns and SDL (Simulated Divide Lite) offered in varied patterns and muntins.


25 available colors for the interior and exterior.

Handle and hardware

  • Aluminum security bar attached to the frame
  • Exterior key lock with key cylinder locking


Other options

The following options "standards" are also available: brick moulding, sill and frame extension (interior and exterior) recovery, side panel, transoms, etc.

Interior Handle Lift & Slide
Exterior Handle Standard Exterior Handle Optional

Lift & Slide handle

The Lift & Slide handle lets you operate
the sash effortlessly, and the multi-point lock
enhances forced-entry resistance.

Standard Exterior Handle

Flush pull handle with no key lock.

Colors available: Grey and Bronze.

Optional Exterior Handle

Exterior Handle Lift & Slide + Exterior key lock with key cylinder locking.

Colors available: Brished Chrome brossé and Bronze.

Personalize your patio door

Window & door frames and other building materials coated with our PVC,
composite, wood and metal (as approved) colorizing system gives customers more options
and better color protection than ever before.

  • 25 popular color choices.
  • Safe, waterborne, environmentally friendly.
  • Proven durability in all weather conditions; no peeling, flaking or cracking.
  • Specifically formulated for adhesion to vinyl, for lasting color vibrancy.
  • Expanded color and gloss retention
  • High abrasion and humidity resistance.
  • Designed to meet all international standard requirements.
  • Custom colors available on request.

Color chart

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